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This is a sample of some of the deliverables that you could receive for these services


Georeferenced, orthorectified maps. These maps take many pictures and stitch them together into one. Useful for an overview of an area. Along with this, we make a point cloud is Georeferenced, filtered and classified.


Elevation Models

Georeferenced digital elevation models (DSMs and DTMs). These can include contour lines and labels. This service is the best for determining drain tile needs and potential problem areas such as low spots that will retain too much water and high spots that will not.


Spot Inspections

We can fly our drones over certain areas of a field that is showing signs of problems in order to help decide on the best course of action to take to fix the problem. Examples of problems include drainage issues, irrigation issues, and pest damage.


Plant Health Assessment

 We can compute NDVI, VARI, GNDVI and many other indexes. We can also provide stand counts, estimated plant height, and estimated plant yield data in order to increase your awareness about your field. This service is best provided during the growing stage and right before harvest.

47th-Avenue-South-4-24-2023-orthophoto-NDVI (Blue) (2).jpg

Storm Damage Inspections

If your fields were harmed by a recent storm, we can provide pictures and video to see the extend of the damage.

crop damage.jpg
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