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Photography/Videography Services

This is a sample of some of the deliverables that you could receive for these services


Have you ever looked at your property on google earth? An orthomosaic is basically that same view, it is a map-quality image very fine detail and resolution made by combining many smaller images called orthophotos. An orthophoto differs from a regular aerial photograph because it gives you a perfect straight down view without seeing walls or extras.


Aerial photography/Videography

Do you have a project or event that you would love to have an aerial view of? Well look no further! Not only can we provide photos from the ground, but also aerial photography and videography. All the pictures you receive will be color corrected to make them pop and the videos will be edited together and color corrected. If you want anything else in the videos, we can work with you to provide that for an extra fee.



We offer pictures of commercial and residential roofs, 3d models and views of cell towers, wind turbine blades and bodies, and insurance views that could be used to view damage.


Flooding overviews

If your house or land is flooding, we can provide overviews and close ups so you can figure out the best way to stop the flooding.

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